Technical Notes

Installing Federated Wiki

At some point you may want to run your own Federated Wiki site, or perhaps set one up for friends or a class. We've had good luck installing on Digital Ocean, which currently offers very cheap hosting and a much simpler setup than services such as Amazon Web Services.

Managing Federated Wiki

Follow Changes to this Site, or Changes to Fedwiki Sites, to see what we are Currently Working On. Use Fedwiki Tools to author new content.

Here we list a few tools that are of particular use in managing and creating Fedwiki content:

This plugin provides a hoverable, clickable roster of sites participating in a group activity. github

Extending Federated Wiki

We explain federated wiki plugins. We define their role interpreting content, recount our experience writing many, describe principles and strategies for future plugins, and offer a step-by-step guide for new plugin authors. We'll also collect pointers here to good plugins when they emerge.

We describe how to choose from available plugins and how to increase those available.

We use to launch wiki with one command: wiki. It is much more complicated now. If you put the info into a wiki config file then it will remember it but you won't know how to change it. For personal servers and especially development, try one of these.

Especially, ideas that may make it easy to pull in content from non-fedwiki sources...

Members of the Federation provide simple CGI's on a server they own, programmed in whatever language they prefer, which responds at the URL specified with Fedwiki Page Json.

The Transport Plugin is the name given to the plugin idea initially described here: